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For the nature-lovers, photo-lovers and just plain ol' lovers

Introduction to the blog

Hi! We are Elise and Nicolas, life partners who happen to share a passion for photography! We wear a lot of hats: birders, wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, family photographers... and the list goes on! So this blog is going to be about all of the above! We'll share our favorite birding spots around Halifax and Nova Scotia, and our favorite hikes in Elise's homestead, Cape Breton. We'll showcase some of our lovely photoshoots and we'll also dive into some important topics that are close to our hearts, like the inclusivity of LGBTQ+ folkx and African Nova Scotians in the photography community and media.

Elise and Nick on Franey Mountain Trail, overlooking the Keltic Lodge. Ingonish, Cape Breton.

We can't wait to cover a lot of different topics in these blog!

Join us on our journey!

We want connect with adventurous people who aren't afraid to brave the elements and get some amazing pictures and make memories in our province's gorgeous, rugged landscapes.

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With love,

Elise & Nicolas

Elise and Nick at Duncan's Cove. Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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